Licensing Process

MSUT’s flexible licensing approach enables your company to assess technologies to ensure they meet your objectives.

Since the office was formed in the spring of 2007, MSUT has successfully negotiated nearly 100 licenses with companies such as Winfield Solutions, Pearson, BASF Plant Science Company, and Michigan Crop Improvement Association. These licenses provide revenue for the licensee as well as the researcher and university and fund additional research and education.

Initial discussions between a company or entrepreneur and MSUT reflect a period of mutual evaluation, both of the technology as well as the ability of the company and MSU to work together successfully in commercializing MSU’s technology. As your company determines whether and how it might commercialize the invention, MSUT works with the MSU inventor to provide any necessary information to you.

If you determine a technology will meet your needs, we will work with you to structure a licensing agreement that is mutually beneficial.

Each licensing agreement is customized to the unique business opportunity presented and financial terms are determined based on the individual technology. All the while, we strive to complete the licensing process in a timely and efficient manner.