Material Transfer and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (MTA and CDA)

MSU Technologies facilitates the processing of Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) and Data Use Agreements (DUA) for Michigan State University.


MTAs govern the transfer of tangible research materials, such as chemicals, plant- or animal-derived material, or software.

CDAs govern the exchange of proprietary information.

The execution and approval process for MTAs and CDAs typically takes approximately two to three weeks. You are encouraged you use the forms on this website, as forms from outside agencies must often be modified to meet university requirements and provisions, delaying the process.

For questions about MTAs or CDAs, contact our MTA/CDA coordinator.


If you have RECEIVED a DUA, please complete this Questionnaire and submit it with any DUA you wish to have signed.

If you wish to SEND data, please complete this Questionnaire to initiate a DUA.

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Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) Forms

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