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Precision Magnetic Field Measurement

Michigan micro-glass fabrication company Translume entered into an exclusive license agreement with MSU on technologies that produce precision tools for measuring magnetic fields in high-radiation environments. 

Translume is a leader in micro-machining of fused silica glass, offering a variety of fabrication and integration services. Using proprietary laser writing and etching techniques, Translume fabricates devices that combine optical waveguides, microfluidic components and glass micromechanical elements. 

MSU Professor Georg Bollen, PhD, and faculty member Ryan Ringle, PhD, developed a novel high-precision probe for measuring magnetic fields based on Penning traps. In the influence of ionizing radiation from gamma-rays, neutrons, and other energetic charged particles, conventional magnetic-field measuring equipment quickly deteriorate and fail. This new device is able to withstand high doses of ionizing radiation without significant damage, allowing for much longer periods of operation before radiation damage would require replacement. The Penning trap design is ideal for applications in space, nuclear and fusion reactors, and particle accelerators. 

Ringle and Professor Bollen are both physicists in MSU’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Bollen is a university distinguished professor of physics & experimental systems and division director in the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams. Joining MSU in 2000, Bollen designed and now operates the Low Energy Beam and Ion Trap, the most advanced mass-measurement facility in the world.