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Our technology managers are assigned to work with specific campus units, based on their backgrounds and areas of expertise. Please contact the manager assigned to your unit for more information about filing an invention disclosure, intellectual property, or the technology transfer process.

If your area isn’t listed, please contact MSUT for assistance.

For information about copyright, contact Anne DiSante.

College of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesTom Herlache

College of Arts and Letters: Anne DiSante

Eli Broad College of Business and the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management: Anne DiSante

College of Communication Arts and Sciences: Anne DiSante

College of Education: Anne DiSante

College of Engineering

  • Department of Biosystems Engineering: Brad Shaw
  • Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science: Brad Shaw
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Brad Shaw
  • Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering: Ray DeVito
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering: Ray DeVito
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering: Brad Shaw

College of Human Medicine: Anne DiSante

College of Law: Ray DeVito

College of Music: Anne DiSante

College of Natural Science

College of Nursing: Anne DiSante

College of Osteopathic Medicine: Anne DiSante

College of Social Science: Anne DiSante

College of Veterinary Medicine: Anne DiSante

Honors College: Anne DiSante

James Madison College: Anne DiSante

Lyman Briggs College: Anne DiSante

National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory/Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB): Ray DeVito

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities: Anne DiSante